STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Casually Trendy Autumn

It is definitely time to say goodbye to our dear summer and to welcome in our chilly fall. Fall is clearly one of my favorite seasons. I love this transition between the scorching sun of summer and the fluffy snow of winter and your favorite summery dress and your comfy winter coat.

This fall, denim jackets, as a rival leather jacket, is definitely a must-have. This Fashionista made her choice and she got it spot on. She created the perfect combination for autumn by pairing an oversized jean jacket that brings a casual and masculine touch to the outfit with a blue blouse with geometric shapes and a black skirt for a more feminine and elegant contrast. Also, when you are already wearing a skirt and showing your legs, covering your chest with a loose and comfortable blouse is always a good fit in order to keep it classy.

Denim boyfriend jackets, black skirts and black boots are all basics and can only be a good idea. Paired together, these basics definitely create a casual and trendy look that is absolutely perfect for a cold fall day. To add a fresh and trendy touch to this look, the geometric top is the perfect choice spotted in Michael Kors’ resort collection. Since the look is pretty simple, do not hesitate to accessorize it as this Fashionista did—rings, a beanie and some bracelets will add a final touch to your casually trendy look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A skin tight skirt may easily appear vulgar. That’s why I would advise one to wear a loose and comfortable top that does not show your chest.”