March 25th, 2016 at 2:05am

It’s a recurring trend in the fashion world: out with the new and in with the old. Although the rearranging of this long-held maxim might seem odd, it really has been a trend we’ve seen every decade or so. As styles change, we start to crave what was once “in,” giving it a modern flare.

Here, this Fashionista did just that. Starting with her patterned ascot-chain necklace, she built her ensemble around a single staple piece—leaving her with an updated, ’70s-stimulated look. This piece is a rare one, so it becomes the perfect centerpiece for those more stylistically adventurous days.

While this Fashionista recommended building an outfit around an inspirational staple—such as this necklace—that doesn’t mean we’re all bound to a ’70s-esque get-up. Pearls can serve as a foundation for ’20s-infused ensembles, just as flannels and boyfriend jeans suit a more recent decade of fashion known as ’90s wear. The possibilities are as limited as your imagination.

Adding to her look, this Fashionista paired a white, flare blouse and simple, dark wash jeans. To provide some extra warmth—given spring hasn’t quite yet sprung—she also added a black and white poncho.

Even if us Fashionista/os are made to swear by the avoidance of mixing blacks and blues, doing so works here. The minuscule black design in this Fashionista’s poncho is just subtle enough to slide by without upsetting the ascot’s royal blue design. Providing a break in the look’s duller colors, this Fashionista opted for a pair of chestnut-colored, peep-toe booties and some chunky finger candy including a dazzling, turquoise ring.

From the runway to the dorm room, fashion is all about inspiration. Don’t be afraid to take this Fashionista’s lead and get inspired by your most unorthodox adornments.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love simple but unique accessories, especially necklaces, and then planning an outfit around that single statement piece. It’s always fun because you can dress an outfit up or dress it down, still centered around that piece.”