Adding bright colors to your spring/summer wardrobe is the perfect way to show how ready you are for the warmer weather. Late spring, early summer is such a pretty time on campus with flowers blooming, smiling faces and people chilling outside for lunch instead of inside. I’ve constantly been snapping photos of all the flowers everywhere and one day, I spotted this Fashionisto on his way to the library during finals week and had to take a couple of pictures.

Blue is such a calming color. His bright blue T-shirt and tennis shoes definitely caught my eye! This is a perfect color for springtime. I also love that even though it’s finals week, he really thought about his get-up. He did great on the layering! Iowa weather is way to unpredictable to not have to wear a jacket or just a t-shirt within the same day.

This Fashionisto did a great job on deciding what to pair with his blues. He’s wearing a flannel, a trench coat and rolled up denim. Flannels are a great statement piece because they can pull together the whole outfit with their various colors. The navy and blue flannel works perfectly with the vibrant blue in this Fashionisto’s shirt and tennis shoes. I absolutely love how he paired everything together. The jeans also make this outfit look more put together and clean with the rolled up look at the bottom. To finish the outfit off, he chose a black baseball cap.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Have fun with colors, with vibrant T-shirts or shoes for a fun and fashionable look.”