So it’s that time once again. When we start school in January, it seems as though the end of the year is weeks and weeks away. It’s hard to believe that final exams are just around the corner. With that being said, many students need to write papers and create study guides for their exams—which is why they go to the library. On this fateful day, I met this Fashionista as she was walking in to study. Her shiny rubber boots caught my eye. They popped against her black and white outfit, providing a bright dash of color.

Rubber boots have emerged as a major style trend over the past few years. They are more than just great footwear for sleet and slush. You might not realize on the first glance, but they are actually very fashionable. As said before, the shiny rubber material makes vanilla outfits pop. You can buy them in an infinite array of colors. Some girls prefer a pair of bright pink boots, and others prefer to walk around in navy blue. Whatever your color preference, their is always a boot to accommodate it.

Designers have picked up on this trend as well. We not longer see just sleek, traditional boots as captured in these photos. The industry has branched out. We now see buckles along the upper calf or rounded rubber spikes. Some even get a bit more creative with checkered patterns, stripes or polka-dots. Best of all, most of these boots are relatively cheap. College students need to budget while in school. You need money for books, going out with friends and for shopping. One pair is easily less than $30. What could be better?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be daring in your style choices. Model something that stands out. Be bold and beautiful.”