May 8th, 2015 at 2:05am

I’m always on the lookout for great fashion. Nothing grabs my attention like two opposite aesthetics that end up working together in harmony. I love seeing girly pieces mixed with tomboy elements in a way that has me humming “Boys Wanna Be Her” by Peaches under my breath. It results in a quirky, playful aesthetic that is completely rad and unique. This Fashionista is all of my style dreams come true. Not only is she completely gorgeous with her fiery red hair and long legs that I’m so envious of, but her style is also on point. She combines masculine and feminine through key pieces that imbue her look with her vivid personality.

I love that such disparate pieces come together so well to create such a fresh, effortless look that’s perfect for spring. This Fashionista utilizes some key pieces that I think should be in every closet in some form, from her basics to her statement pieces. She starts out with a not so basic, billowy white tank top and ultra faded boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters. Having such a washed out base sets the tone for this outfit. Her tank top and jeans are so light that they come off as almost monochromatic. What I think is especially smart, stylistically, is that she keeps her boyish basics refined by wearing them in a clean, minimalist color palette. She takes my favorite tomboy standby and makes it new again with her styling.

Such simple basics allow her to layer on colors and textures in a totally rad way. This Fashionista’s bold, feminine additions make this outfit a total showstopper. Her sheer, bohemian kimono with velvet details from Urban Outfitters is a sharp contrast against her basics. It gives me Moulin Rouge meets Annie Hall vibes in the best way. Who knew such different sartorial icons could come together so perfectly? A dusty pink lace bralette from Forever 21 adds to the bohemian vibe with its soft texture, which is counteracted by her genius use of suede work boots from Union Bay. A pretty, polished leather bag found while traveling in Florence finishes off the look and ties everything together.

Recreate this Fashionista’s rad look by starting with a blank slate of faded basics and then punching up the volume with bold statement pieces that are rich in detail and color. Remember to incorporate androgyny by mixing feminine and masculine pieces to offset each other.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to play with different styles and aesthetics! Have fun, and take some risks by pulling different looks together.”