Whenever I get dressed in the morning, I have a habit of throwing on all black. It’s simple and easy because nothing matches better with black than black. As the warmer months roll through, I try to force myself out of my comfort zone and into some colors. But when dressing, I find myself questioning whether or not the colors and patterns go together. Can I wear these blue shorts with my blue hat? Or do my red shoes clash with my floral dress? Out of fear of looking a little crazy, I find myself answering yes to those questions a lot. But after meeting this Fashionisto, that has all changed. His all blue look inspired me and proved that black is not the only color out there that looks good when paired together.

My attention was instantly drawn to his blue polka-dot shirt. The subtle color in the shirt complements his blue shorts perfectly. The colors work harmoniously together and are not overpowering. There is also something very classic about a short sleeve button-down. This Fashionisto looks casual and on trend, making this a perfect outfit for date night or just hanging out with friends. The blue shoes really help top off the look. Although they are a different shade than the rest of his outfit, they still match the rest of his ensemble. They also help dress up the look. Tuck in the shirt and this ensemble can also be appropriate for the office. I  was very impressed by how well this Fashionisto took on and pulled off this trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find the shoes you want and build from there.”