STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Boring Outerwear Is For Squares

Living in the frigid climate of Wisconsin, your daily outfit choice makes for possibly one of the most important decisions throughout the winter. Whether you get sick because you didn’t think you needed a scarf, experience the onset of frost bite because you decided to leave your gloves in your room or picked a coat one layer too thin therefore feeling every degree of the wind chill, dressing appropriately is critical. But, bundling up doesn’t mean being fashionable has to go out the window. In fact, winter shopping might be the most important, not to mention the most fun, therefore treat it as such! The most crucial decision you may encounter however, is your coat; but don’t let this weather restrict you, see it as a challenge! Put the brown puffy coat away and welcome an ankle length, vintage-inspired trench to spice up your outerwear.

When thinking about this trend, some may say, “Who wants to sacrifice a warm North Face just for aesthetic purposes?” But I swear you can get the best of both worlds! The way you invest in that padded gray Columbia jacket, you could do the same with a thick, bold and lengthy outer garment. Whether it be made out of wool, suede, woven; dyed navy, off-white or color-blocked, a coat like this says way more about who you are, while keeping you warm all in one. Make a statement walking to class while feeling cozy as ever; it’s in a win-win.

So how does one put together such a chic winter look? Take a look at this fearless freshman’s head turning ensemble. To accompany his deep blue suede trench, he adds a gray turtleneck, a pair of high rise cropped Calvin Klein jeans, thick socks that scream, “I like cropped denim but also know its winter,” and bright blue creepers. After sneaking some finger candy in his look, to top it all off, he wore two infinity scarves, not only to secure his neck warmth but to add some subtle color details, which is an easy, practical outfit addition.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Staying warm doesn’t have to mean you can’t be fashionable.”