This week’s Fashionista has got me thinking back to the days of elementary school art class—the days of mixing paint colors. No, she wasn’t carrying a paint palette, but she was sporting the color blue in all sorts of different shades. Yes, that’s right, her entire outfit consisted of clothing pieces that were all different shades of blue—and she rocked it! No, we’re not talking about a matching track jacket and pants suit, we are talking about a very trendy and well put together spring ensemble.

Mixing different shades of the same color within one ensemble can be tricky. If an outfit is not balanced well, you could end up looking like a walking paint sample strip. Today’s Fashionista definitely didn’t have to worry about that though; so if you’re thinking of following this trend, take note from her.

She started dark with a navy blue maxi skirt which was appropriate for the breezy spring day. Maxi skirts are a great way to achieve an effortlessly dressed up look. Her skirt was high-waisted and met at the waistband by a baby blue crop top. She covered herself up a little bit by wearing a denim jacket over her crop top. Denim jackets are all the rage right now because they can be worn over anything from T-shirts to dresses. They come in all different colors and styles and are a spring staple item that you should definitely have in your wardrobe. Speaking for myself, even in the summer I am sometimes reluctant to have a lot of skin showing, so I made a mental note to follow this Fashionista’s lead and layer my favorite denim jacket over a crop top the next time I’m feeling a little too exposed. In terms of accessories, a patterned scarf in—you guessed it—blue was wrapped around her neck and added more of a springtime look to her ensemble. Printed scarves are always the perfect accessory to a spring outfit.

Get inspiration from today’s Fashionista when creating your spring looks. Pick out your favorite color and run with it! Whether you choose to create an entire look using one color, or stick to just adding accessories all of the same color family, you’re sure to end with up a cool, ombre look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Spring is a great time to experiment with color. Try out a different color palette each day or mix and match! The brighter your outfit is, the brighter your mood.”