We can all agree that everyone in the fashion industry has incorporated an off-the-shoulder trend in their collection or in their wardrobe. Whether it’s Zara’s pastel, ruffled, off-the shoulder tops or Chanel’s 2017 resort collection with shoulder-bearing dresses, we all want naked shoulders.

When I think about this trend, it reminds me of a ’70s boho girl that likes to be sexy but somewhat conservative at the same time. This is a trend that is not new to us. I have seen off-the-shoulder silhouettes since I was a kid in elementary school dreaming of the day that my mom would let me wear outfits like that. The beauty of fashion and trends is that they are constantly being recycled but in a more revolutionized way. This silhouette is spring 2016’s playful antidote to the idea of minimalism. We are straying away from a culture full of loud fashion and into one that is more functional but still chic.

So how does one incorporate such a trend into their everyday lives? Take a peek at this Fashionista’s look for some inspiration. She is wearing a simple, black, ruffled off-the shoulder top with a V-neckline. The ruffled V-neck gives here look more of a flirty appeal to it due to its lower cut in comparison to other shoulder-bearing tops that have more of a straightedge cut to them. As for the rest of her outfit, she went with some washed out high-waisted blue jeans and a pair of classic heeled mules. To tie her whole look together, she threw on a pair of heart lensed sunglasses to give her muted vintage-inspired outfit more of a ’70s flare.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus when it comes to putting together and outfit is comfort with some sort of punch to it. People have this false notion that comfort means looking ‘basic,’ but in reality, plain and comfortable outfits are the best because you can spice it up in which ever way you want, and you still won’t look like everyone else walking the streets in these so called ‘basic’ looking outfits.”