STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back to (Old) School

September 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashion is constantly evolving, but also bringing back the basics. Crop tops were a huge hit in the ’90s and now has found its way to make its big comeback in the 21st century.

Crop tops have been a huge trend this past summer. These cute, short shirts come in many different styles, whether they are tank tops, halter tops, T-shirts or even spaghetti straps. They are great for date nights, running errands and even a trip to the beach. However, now that autumn has arrived, we must transition into more season appropriate clothing. Goodbye crop tops? Have no fear, there are many ways to style crop tops even when it is not summer.

The key to styling this basic top in the fall is to layer appropriately. Jackets, flannels and cardigans are some of the ways to layer on top of the crop top. However, be sure the top is visible still. Also, instead of shorts from the summer, style it with high-waisted jeans or maybe even a skirt.

Our Fashionista today is a busy girl. Studying to become pharmacist, she definitely has a challenging workload of classes. Even though she may have difficult classes, she makes sure her outfit is “on fleek”. Fashion is something she continues to experiment with, simply to express herself. In this particular outfit, she pairs her blue fringe crop top with her black high-waisted jeans, black high-top Converse All-Stars and a Forever 21 jean jacket. She kept it pretty simple with the accessories and overall outfit to make her crop top the center of attention.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love outfits that are versatile, meaning it can easily transition to a nighttime look. In order to transition this casual outfit to a nighttime look, do a heavier makeup look by adding eyeliner and a bolder berry lip color. Also, by changing the shoes to possibly flatforms and adding gold rings, you can totally look fierce and be off to your special night on the town!”