STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Anything But Boring In Beige

With the end of Spring Break near, as well as impending finals and projects, it is hard not to feel down in the dumps. Dressing sad does nothing for your mood as well as your outlook on life, especially when you are stressed. This Fashionista focuses on layering, a great technique for this time of year, and plays with a unique silhouette, highlighting her slouchy-sleeve, otherwise known as dolman, the hottest shape in sweaters at the moment.

With incredible ease and comfort, the slouchy-sleeved, dolman sweater allows for a wide array of movement and flexibility. By layering this poplar piece on top of a dress, this Fashionista adds a flare of style to her already cute look. By staying warm with tights, a scarf and her L.L.Bean boots, an upstate New York necessity, she accessorizes her sweater dress combination perfectly.

Dressing in earth tones, this Fashionista also complements the current color trends; earth tones. From dark browns to light creamy beiges, she varies the shades and values of the colors to perfectly emphasize her skin tone as well as her outfit choices, such as layering and variation in fit.

Applicable to many body shapes, pulling a sweater over a tighter fitting dress is a recommendation I would always suggest. With this, you allow for a looser fit up top, as well as around the mid section, an area many are shy about, and allow for the eye to travel down lower. By changing the colors and textures of both the sweaters and dresses, the silhouette can easily be taken from day to night or springtime to summer.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to play with different silhouettes than what you have seen before, but always mix a tight garment with a loose garment.”