I admit to one thing: I may be a fashion hoarder. Why do I insist on keeping that shirt that has one too many holes that I acquired in eighth grade? Because there’s a story behind it. I find that there’s a story behind the majority of the clothing and jewelry one owns, thoroughly enjoying my chat with this Fashionista as she recounted the stories behind the various elements of her outfit.

“These sandals are just the most comfy thing ever; everyone should own a pair!” she said, highlighting the first piece of her ensemble. As a devoted customer since 2010, I can personally attest to the awesomeness that is Sanuk footwear. Coincidentally, right under their logo Sanuks boasts themselves as being “Never Uncomfortable”! Considering that the Yoga Sling is their best seller, it seems that no other early summer buy would be as great as this sandal.

The way I see it, one should always be dressed for some sort of adventure, especially now when everyone’s itching to go outside and hike one of the many trails Kent has to offer! This Fashionista is perfectly equipped for any adventure, keeping her outfit to the bare basics with a sturdy backpack. She adds a boho touch by piling on the jewelry, which were what originally caught my eye.

My imagination ran wild as she shared the stories behind each piece of jewelry, with scenery of white sand beaches and ancient ruins in central America and of the impressive stone architectures scattered throughout Old Europe. “The necklace is a gift from Morocco, given to me by my mother,” she begins, “and the ombre zig-zag bracelet is from Peru.” Continuing up her arm, “the other bracelet is from Costa Rica and the crocheted pink hamsa hand bracelet is from when I studied abroad in Milan. The wrap bracelet on my other hand is one that my sister has the same of in a different color. Every time we meet we switch off. I don’t know why, it’s just something we do!”

Not only did I get a muse for my post this week, I also got a chance to traverse the world with this Fashionista, through the stories woven in the pieces that she adorned herself with. What a highlight of my day!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: Whether it’s to Machu Picchu, another state or to the West Side Market in Cleveland, treat yourself to an adventure all your own while acquiring some story-worthy pieces along the way! Tom’s Marketplace has many pieces from all corners of the world, and all companies featured give the majority of their proceeds back to those people in need! Krochet Kids does the same. In addition, one can look at a label sewn inside the item and trace it back to the empowered woman who made it!