May 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Sometimes Fashionistas/os become obsessed with being too over-the-top with their wardrobes. I myself am guilty of trying to incorporate one too many patterns, textures or colors into one ensemble. Try to remember that sometimes we need to take a step away and go back to the basics.

Color-blocking is the simple and easy technique that this Fashionista has used in her spring ensemble. Mixing and matching solid colors in an outfit is a great way to stay simple and make a statement at the same time. Color-blocking is a method that is extremely appealing to the eye and this Fashionista really pulled it off well.

I spotted this trendsetter on a warm and sunny Oneonta day. This outfit is perfect for the spring. In Oneonta, even spring days like this can be a little chilly. This Fashionista paired a long-sleeve shirt with a vest to keep warm. By adding a pair of leggings and her tote bag, she put together a perfect outfit to wear around campus. The Converse sneakers helped to complete this cute and casual look.

By using contrasting colors, this Fashionista adds a little spice to her already trending outfit. The blue vest against her red bag really makes the vibrant color pop. I also love that she used a green shirt as her underlay. Color-blocking is a great concept and I highly recommend it to any fellow Fashionistas/os.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love a few solid colors together in one outfit. It’s fun to go against the norm and experiment with combinations!”