Spring has sprung! Spring clothing styles require fewer layers and brighter colors than fall and winter clothing styles. The change of seasons allows you to change your style and jazz things up with bolder colors. Spring colors are visually pleasing and so refreshing after that long, cold winter we have finally broken free from. Don’t be afraid to stand out this spring. Pastel colors can sometimes be hard to incorporate into your look, but this Fashionisto sets an example for all the other Fashionistos out there who are in the mood to mix things up.

This Fashionisto is wearing a pastel striped button-down that is perfect for spring. He is escaping the heat that comes along with warm spring days by cuffing his shirt sleeves. The combination of colors in his shirt stand out, especially when placed against a pair of camel-colored khakis. A pair of worn-in Vans really personalize the Fashionisto’s outfit and make it his own. “These shoes have seen everything,” he said.

Fashionistos have a limited selection when it comes to accessories, especially compared to all the accessories Fashionistas are able to wear. This Fashionisto is wearing a simple brown Timex watch with a brown leather strap. The brown leather in the strap of his watch exactly matches the brown leather accents found on his Vans. Talk about paying attention to detail! These four simple pieces have come together to create a handsomely stylish outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pick a few simple pieces that you love and then build your wardrobe around that. You don’t have to have the world’s biggest wardrobe to have your own style.”