STYLE ADVICE: Not Over All These Overalls!

April 4th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Not Over All These Overalls!

This season has always been my favorite! It provides just the right balance of chill and warmth and thereby allows for endless creative opportunities when choosing an outfit. You’re not too restricted by the cold to show off your nice sundress or light blouse behind a light layer of a cardigan or jacket that protects you from the slight chill in the spring atmosphere.

The weather here in Italy is slowly warming up and I couldn’t be happier. The days of heavy coats and excessive layers were fun, but got quite exhausting. Now comes the opportunity to lighten the load a little bit and spring out the bright colors and, like in the case of this gorgeous Fashionista, overalls.

This fun and youthful look is a great combination of both style and comfort. Spotted on her way to class, this Fashionista might just as well have rolled out of a famous ’90s sitcom and had a quick dip in ‘swag-goo’! The entire ensemble—the overalls, the choker, the fun colors, the combat boots—put together so effortlessly, is certainly a head-turner.

Overalls have come a long way over the centuries, from their days of being used as ‘service-wear’ for labor men and women to today, where they have become a strong fashion trend that could be styled year-round. Whether dressed-up or toned down, fitted or rugged, rolled-up or flared, overalls sure do know how to hold a great ensemble together. I never have, nor will I ever be over all these overalls!