When you think of monochrome, you probably think up a rather dull image; a formless blob of color. But as this Fashionista can tell you, if you play your cards right, your look will be anything but dull! I spotted her during a seminar on color theory, and what better way to kick start a class on color than with a statement—a monochromatic statement!

When styling a monochrome outfit, texture is your best friend. Without any difference in color to help you, a difference in texture is just what you need to add the right amount of interest (not to mention balance) to a monochromatic look. Here, our Fashionista paired the silky smoothness of her top with her cardigan’s knitted patterns, creating a distinct outline while still keeping that soft bohemian style. A cardigan with too similar of a texture would have lost itself against the top, creating an overall blah impression.

Matching the cardigan’s boho vibes, her beanie gives this look a nice top to bottom balance. When you’re dealing with just one color, maintaining a balance might not seem too important, but it absolutely is. Too little of your chosen color and you might leave too little of an impression, with people scratching their heads, wondering, “Why is she only wearing black?” With her black beanie and her black boots, however, there’s no mistaking with this Fashionista that this isn’t something she just threw together on the spot. It’s a look.

This outfit isn’t entirely monochromatic, however. Where it isn’t, it sets itself apart from the rest beautifully. It is acid green nail polish! How’s that for color? Normally, bright green would be bit of a risky choice for a nail color, but this outfit’s uniform coloring is the perfect platform for a bold nail. The green pops out against the black, making an already striking color all the more in your face.

Finishing it off with a witchy, dark nautical twist, she accessorizes herself with a fun set of necklaces, which are just black enough to not throw the entire outfit off balance. A touch of metallic color here and there, like gold, can be a great way to keep the look from becoming too monotone, but be careful! With an outfit as singular as this, there’s definitely a thing as too much.

Of course, black is always in style, no matter how much of it is worn, but you can use these tips for any monochromatic look. White, red, even orange, it doesn’t matter which. Any color can be done right if you know how to pull it off!

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