STYLE ADVICE: Modern Day Johnny Cash

STYLE ADVICE: Modern Day Johnny Cash

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of trying to live a stylish life leaves us overlooking the simplistic approach. I recently traveled to St. Petersburg, Florida, to look at the Fine Arts Museum, and I happened to run into this Fashionisto appreciating the minimalist look. With inspiration seemingly pulled from a young Johnny Cash and The T-Birds from Grease, he melded a simple white V-neck with some dark wash jeans and a pair of light brown ankle boots. All this being topped off with the worn-in leather jacket makes for an easy yet fully functional “I Woke Up Like This” ensemble.

The whole ensemble is pulled off flawlessly with this Fashionisto’s carefree attitude and his clean-cut hairstyle.

One of my personal favorite parts of the outfit is the jacket feature. Living in Florida, the weather can change from 50 degrees to 80 degrees within a matter of hours. With a busy class schedule, it’s sometimes impossible to run home and change, and running to the car to throw your coat in the trunk isn’t always an option. With a flexible jacket feature, you can maneuver the jacket around your body to cool off and still keep your aesthetic. The over-the-shoulder look is usually my go-to on these hot days since it gives you lots of room for a nice breeze.

The boot-cut jeans are rolled up at the bottoms to show off the accent brown boots and a stylish alternative to getting jeans tailored for length. The color of the jeans are also a perfect balance between looking too dark and blending in with the leather jacket, and looking too light and blending in with the T-shirt.

I always find that a good accessory can take an outfit from “I tried really hard to look care-free” to actually effortless. Without something shiny, I just feel naked. This look topped off with a nice (and thrifted!) gold watch, gives the whole look a more expensive and upper-class feel.

I can’t wait to see what all you beauties create and how you rock this look!