STYLE ADVICE: Mix and Matching

Spring fever has taken over campus at Temple University. Sitting through class and finishing end-of-the-year assignments have officially become the last things anyone wants to do. On the bright side, warm weather means you can finally dig out your favorite spring and summer pieces from the bottom of your closet. In the past, I have always found warm weather the most difficult to dress for. Hot weather usually makes me want to just throw on shorts and a T-shirt. This year, however, I have taken it upon myself to figure out trendy, yet comfortable, ways to dress around campus.

This Fashionisto makes sure to incorporate style into his outfit every day. For this look, he took a few simple pieces and added some bold statements that make his outfit stand out. To start, he chose to wear a pair of all black, faux denim pants. Black pants are something that can act as the base for any look and stay in style all year round. By cuffing the ends of the pants, this Fashionisto already brings a warmer vibe to his look.

He then, again, targeted simplicity with his T-shirt. He wore a simple white and floral printed pocket T-shirt. In the warm weather, a lot of materials become very uncomfortable to wear. So finding pieces, such as this one, that incorporate the comfort of a T-shirt with summer-y vibes is a perfect way to bring style into the heat.

Finally, to bring his outfit together, this Fashionisto chose to wear bright, paisley boat shoes. These shoes are definitely my favorite part of this look. In the past, I used to go out of my way to make sure I didn’t have any clashing prints within my outfit. But this year specifically, print layering has become very popular and is a great way to make even the simplest look stand out in a crowd. Though the prints on his T-shirt and shoes are completely different, the pieces are tied together by the dark blue/black bases. This Fashionisto took several fashion risks but successfully created the perfect spring/summer look. The best advice I can give for this season, with direct inspo from this Fashionisto, is to be bold and take chances!