STYLE ADVICE: Minimal and Whimsical

STYLE ADVICE: Minimal and Whimsical

One of the biggest challenges in fashion is creating and maintaining one’s own individual style while avoiding being consumed by all the latest trends. This Fashionista uses a minimalist color palette in combination with cool, quirky patches to create a very unique outfit that is distinct from many other students on campus.

This Fashionista displays expertise in the art of layering, a crucial skill in an environment that can change from 40 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in a single day. Take note of how she uses the stark contrast of dark and light colors throughout her layered pieces. The light wash denim jacket placed over a dark wash pinstriped short jumpsuit, as well as her use of white against black makes for a simple yet visually striking color palette.

The simplicity and minimalism in this color palette makes a perfect canvas to display her creativity; she has bright and bold patches scattered carefully throughout her outfit. If you want to express your personality through your fashion, patches are the perfect way to do so. Patches on clothing are becoming more and more popular, especially on large, rugged denim jackets. With a quick Google search, you can find any patch online. They also appear in many vintage stores. I recommend iron or sew-on patches for the longest lasting option, but sometimes you’ll find denim jackets or other clothing already pre-sewn with its own patches. On this Fashionista’s outfit, you’ll find a perfect combination of bold text and fun figures.

Lastly, I think it’s important to to praise this Fashionista for creating not only an effortlessly cool and casual outfit, but also for a utilitarian and functional outfit. With sensible white sneakers and a simple mock turtleneck, she dons an aura of comfort and composure. Her cute, pinstriped jumpsuit is designed with convenient large pockets, perfect to slip in her phone, keys, or wallet for easy access. The denim jacket is also abundant with pockets.

My favorite part of this outfit however, is this Fashionista’s pastel pink cap. At first, I thought it was just a great way to add a touch of color, but at closer inspection I realized that her pink cap is made out of corduroy! Another way to add interest to your personal style is by wearing pieces that are made of material not traditionally used for that item; corduroy is traditionally seen on pants, so seeing a cap made out of that fabric was incredibly eye-catching.