STYLE ADVICE: Mellow Metallic

Who says metallic is only for the glitz of the night? Not this Fashionista. Strolling in broad daylight through the parking lot of a local post office, this Fashionista shows that you can work shine during the day by turning heads with fly white sneakers, patterned green and khaki pants, and a light gold metallic crop top.

What caught my attention with this look was that it displays my usual go-tos when it comes to outfits: comfort and uncommon combinations. The merge of contrasting modern and bohemian elements is what makes this outfit work.The metallic top is mellowed down with unisex pants and sneakers, while still being played up with statement earrings.

I love mixing up patterns and textures, which can be tricky at times. But if you carry your look with confidence, you carry inspiration for others to style out of their box (that was my unofficial style advice). Moreover, the fact that this look effortlessly transforms from day to night is my formal style advice. We are always on a schedule as college students, so on very busy days, flaunt a day outfit that can go directly to your night’s activities or can be styled quickly to do so.

For example, this Fashionista’s outfit can go from school to a pub and a concert just as it is. If it’s a more elegant outing, the metallic crop top and earrings can be paired with a leather pencil skirt and heels. I have heard people not go out, despite the fact that they want to, because they don’t have time to change or have nothing to wear. Excuses! Don’t limit your experiences because of your outfit choices; plan ahead and bring a night-out-upgrade garment in your bag. Hope this outfit life hack serves as help!