STYLE ADVICE: Mastering Chill and Cute

I cannot help but get the Kanye vibe, minus the holes, from this Fashionista. She took all the latest trends and ran with it in this look and I am not complaining, I am fangirling. Being a busy college student it is hard to balance chill and cute looks. You usually just almost always looking too chill all the time. This Fashionista mastered the entire “chill-cute” look and made it her own.

This Fashionista wears an oversize beige T-shirt for comfort. She pairs it with a black turtleneck underneath to keep cozy on these winter days. She also pairs together some over-the-knee black boots and fishnet tights that make this look ultimately to die for. The Fashionista keeps all the colors in the outfit neutral which adds to the whole comfy cute look. The Fashionista pulled the look all together by adding a braided top knot and some cute hoops for earrings.

If you have kept up with my post before you, you know I am all for the neutral colored looks. Although, my style falls more on the sporty side. To change this look up a little we could drop the thigh high boots and add some ripped mom jeans, so the fishnets could still pop. We could get rid of or keep the oversize T-shirt. If you choose to keep it, tuck just the front in. If go with the turtleneck tuck it all in. For shoes, you add some cute booties or keep it simple with some of your favorite sneakers like Adidas.