STYLE ADVICE: Make Denim on Denim Interesting

STYLE ADVICE: Make Denim on Denim Interesting

Something that’s been trending for quite some time has been denim on denim, and no, I’m not talking about the catastrophic combination that was seen on Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. I’m talking about mixing washes, adding patchwork, or experimenting with the rips and tears to add detail.

It’s a trend that can be done very right, or, as we’ve all witnessed, be done very wrong. One thing I’ve noticed in stores and on various street style looks that revolve around denim is that people are starting to get creative with it. The denim skirt has come back from the grave to give everyone’s closet a classic touch of the ’90s grunge and make a look a little more fun and exciting and designers are going all the way with making jeans fun again by adding various elements to take the wardrobe staple to the ultimate level. Denim is officially becoming an interesting style element.

I loved this look because it embodies everything a denim look should embody. It’s got color, depth, fun patchwork details, a little fringe, and of course a great touch of pink. This Fashionista truly made a simple idea of denim-on-denim come to life with every aspect of the outfit. Every piece of the look exhibits a different vibe, yet all balance out accordingly, making the denim look interesting.

The two different tones of the denim are the number one starting place when trying to achieve this look. The great detailing on her shirt and the fit give the top an artistic vibe to balance out the classic nature of the skirt. The layered chokers add an icy, metallic level and match the ’90s vibe of the outfit perfectly. One of my favorite details of this outfit was the shoes. No other part of the outfit has anything pink in it, making the shoes stand out. The urban high-top style of the shoes contrasts the feminine pink polka-dot socks that are peaking out.

So, the next time you’re feeling the urge to wear all your denim at once, take a cue from this look and don’t leave out any of the details. Make sure your denim look has various, contrasting elements to ensure no one is comparing you to Britney Spears.