STYLE ADVICE: Live in Layers

STYLE ADVICE: Live in Layers

With the cross over between winter and spring approaching, the weather can be as crazy as our day-to-day schedules.

In the morning, we have brisk and chilly walks to class. In the afternoon, there’s sunny and warm study sessions in the quad. At night, it’s all about fast and freezing walks from building to building, and you sure are toasty once inside. The most fashionable way to tackle a fast-paced lifestyle combined with bipolar weather patterns is by living in layers.

It is simple, stylish, and it works! Layering is the go-to way to look like you put tons of effort into an outfit. It adds complexity, different textures and styles, and there’s more for the eye to look at. Overall, it seamlessly creates an entire look effortlessly.

This Fashionista pulls off layering with her super fab slip dress over a black long sleeve T-shirt. To add even more variety, she threw on a jean jacket that she can wear on, take off, wear over her shoulders, or tie around her waist. There are several options of how to shake up her outfit just on a whim. Another layer is her cute tights that give more texture and fun style to this Fashionista’s ensemble. The entire look is complex with its multitude of spunky layers.

Layering can help a person easily transform their look throughout the day, help an outfit look more put together, and keep an outfit fresh and interesting. This Fashionista shows off this idea brilliantly and beautifully. Take her advice and live in layers!