STYLE ADVICE: Layering Without Sacrificing

Oh, winter! The season that seems to always limit the outward expression of our style with heavy, unflattering outerwear and clunky snow boots, however the cold season doesn’t necessarily have to bring fashion restraints. Thanks to the rise of puffer coats, faux furs, and beanies, you can easily display your style personality during those dreaded frigid temperatures. But if you live in the Midwest it sometimes seems like you experience all four seasons in one day, last week it was 32 degrees in the morning and 60 degrees by noon, which in that case layering is the ideal style strategy. That is exactly what this Fashionista did with her ensemble when I caught her walking home from campus.

She effortlessly layers a knit oversized turtleneck on top of a pleated metallic midi skirt. Her sweater is the perfect thickness for chilly days. If you want to replicate her look, but you’re in a geographic location with extremely cold temperatures, simply add an additional layer to the look. Experiment with different pieces to add contrast. For example, a cropped puffer coat would add warmth, be aligned with the latest trends, and make the rest of the outfit visible. I can’t forget to talk about how incredible this Fashionista’s accessories are. Her royal blue booties are life, and add an unexpected splash of color that matches her keychain fur ball perfectly.

This look is a triple threat. It keeps our Fashionista cozy for the weather, it beautifully displays current trends I’ve seen walking down the runway during fashion month, and it shows personal style that can be built upon with additional layers. If you feel like you’re running out of cold weather options this winter, or you’re bored with the “winter uniform,” of black leggings, L.L. Bean boots, and a long black puffer coat, shake up your style by layering pieces in your wardrobe. You won’t only be the chicest Fashionista on campus, but you’re sure to feel as good as you look heading into midterms!