Winter is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean it’s warm outside quite yet. Take note from this Fashionista and layer up to stay stylish and keep practical as the temperature fluctuates throughout your busy days.

The key to layers is coordinating them so they complement each other. Wear different materials and colors to make sure that the look varies, rather than becoming a large lump of color. For example, wear a flannel and a denim jacket, but not two flannels or a jean jacket and denim shirt.

This Fashionista in particular did an excellent job of mixing and matching different colors and textures to create the perfect, versatile look for the finicky weather as of late. The base layer of the look features a lacy bralette underneath a simple black mesh top. Next, throw on a flannel to add some warmth and end with a denim jacket for some added warmth, just in case it gets a little chilly. Try a pop of white to keep the look bright, rather than allowing the dark hues to create a dark and dreary look. After all, it is starting to warm up, albeit ever so slowly.

Keep comfy with some classic black leggings on the bottom and your trusty Doc Martens. Wear your favorite socks and let them peek over the top of your shoes just a bit, as well. This will keep the bottom half of your look from becoming a single stripe of black and balance it out with the top half of the look. Top it all off with your favorite accessories, like this Fashionista’s simple necklace.

That’s your look! Layers on layers on layers. Take them off once you hit the library, class, or your favorite coffee shop if it gets too hot and throw them back on once you hit the confused weather of the outside world. Who said dressing well for the weather is hard?