STYLE ADVICE: How to Stay Warm in the Storm?

February 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am

All I have to say is that there are dozens and dozens of flocks of geese roaming the streets of Boston this winter! And no, I do not mean literally!

For those of you who live in the East Coast and those of you who follow weather reports, Boston has gotten quite the inches of snow these past few weeks. The cons are that it’s below freezing. Snow is constantly falling on your face, and the ground is so slushy that it is a hit or miss—you’re either strolling along just fine or you have just slipped and you find yourself on the ground. The pro is that we have gotten a couple extra days to sleep in thanks to the snow and school cancellations.

In order to stay warm it’s essential to have a heavy winter coat. I know these are a bit pricey, but if you live in the Each Coast or you spend a fair amount of time on this side of the world during the winter season, Canada Goose jackets are a great investment. The one I suggest is the Shelburne Parka. It is thigh high so it is long enough to keep ninety percent of your body warm, and it’s goose down, so it’s extra warm without being too thick. The fur around the hood catches the snow so that it doesn’t fall into your eyes and face. To top it all off, this style has wide quilting so it’s flattering around the waist! Of course, any of the Canada Goose styles will keep you warm for the weather.

The shoes I recommend to avoid slipping and still having some style are the Timberland 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boots. I personally don’t own a pair of snow boots, but these boots do the job for me. They are waterproof, so they work in the rain and snow, and they have a gripping material on the bottom to allow for friction so that you do not end up on the floor.

In regards to what tops work best for this below freezing weather, I recommend cashmere anything and everything. I find most of mine at Nordstrom, but anything that is one-hundred percent cashmere will definitely keep you warm. If you can snatch yourself a cashmere scarf too, you’ll be in the clear all winter long!