STYLE ADVICE: How to be Less Basic

STYLE ADVICE: How to be Less Basic

Once in a while, trends like the Juicy Jumpsuit come around, but the ever-changing, or some may claim cycling, fashion scene introduces to us ways to wear pieces we never considered. The most obvious downside is that society now places excess pressure on us to keep up with the trend, so some people might be wearing pieces that don’t represent them. The more devastating result is if you find a style you really like, but wearing it is a sign that you are basic.

Why is this a problem? Well inherently there is nothing wrong with wearing something on trend, if it makes you feel good. I do it. You do it. However, on some days, feeling good doesn’t seem to be enough. You want to be artistically challenged because adopting the basic outfit doesn’t require much innovation of imagination. You know a high-waisted jean short and crop top combination works. The basic trends prevent you from thinking, “What if?”

Alright, let’s assume you are caught in one of those days, so how exactly do you start trying something different? There is always a fear that you might wear something that makes you really uncomfortable. To dress more uniquely doesn’t actually require a complete wardrobe change, or wearing meat dresses or a bird nest hat (if you want to do that, all powers to you!). The key is, ironically, start with something basic.

This Fashionista fell in love with the odd, but flattering silhouette of her mom jeans. She knows that a crop top and a knit cardigan works well with mom jeans, so that is what she did. However, the pieces that she wore have something unique about them. Instead of a plain crop top, she picked one with some bold floral designs. Her cardigan had a clean neckline, creating a stiff wool jacket effect.

She elevated her outfit through her choices on accessories. Understanding the wonders of pairing heeled shoes with mom jeans, she picked out a pair of black boots. These boots had a square toe and heel, so they made her outfit more structural. She plays with the trend on studded earring and geometric shapes by wearing large pleated circle earrings.

Lastly, she wore a loose black parka reminiscent of the ’80s fashion to match with the ’80s mom jean trend. By wearing basic pieces with a little edge and nostalgia, she was able to create an outfit that uniquely represented her.

P.S. A thrift shop is a good place to find unique pieces.