STYLE ADVICE: How Simplicity Stumps Overdoing It

March 7th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: How Simplicity Stumps Overdoing It

Are you the friend that always overdoes her outfits? Or are you the friend who finds fabulousness in the simplest pieces in your closet? If you said yes to the first question, then below are some simple steps to helping you find your simplicity.

Finding the right outfit can be nothing short of stressful. It’s not uncommon that while searching for the perfect piece that you will end up doing too much at the party/kickback/event you are going to, or you’ll end up not caring and throwing anything on. We don’t want the carelessness to come about, so figuring out how to glam up the plainest pieces in your closet will allow you to have more outfit options than you thought you had.

This Fashionista paired the simplest and plainest clothes in her closet to create a fab look. She decided to wear a light pink T-shirt with a dark blue bomber jacket and denim jeans that are ripped at the knees. Oh, and just as a reminder for my Fashionistas trying to recreate this look, color-blocking can be done with all sorts of colors.

Her accessories were small and dainty but they each added the right touches of jewelry this simplistic outfit needed. Her tiny necklace, chain bracelet, and gold watch were the perfect additive to her color-block T-shirt and jacket.

As for this Fashionista’s shoes, they set the tone for the outfit. The cobalt blue, open-toed strappy heel is nothing short of fabulous. The shoes have three different straps: one going across her toes, one going across the middle of her foot, and the last one on her ankles. But, what makes these shoes so stylish are the giant rhinestones attached to the middle strap.

Aside from her beat face, her shoes are the most fabulous part of this outfit. But, this outfit can be worn for several different occasions which is why stylish simplicity trumps overdoing it. She can wear this on the job during casual days, to class any day of the week, and even to a kickback or party that her and her friends are going to. Keep it simple Fashionistas and fly guys. If your style can show through a tank top, bomber, and denim jeans just imagine what you can do when you have to overdue it.