STYLE ADVICE: Flared, Flowy, and Fun

April 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Flared, Flowy, and Fun

The wind has picked up in Waco, but that is not stopping this Fashionista from bringing out her perfect spring look!

If you are asking yourself how to add that certain “je ne sais quoi” flare to your style this spring, I hope the voice in the back of your head is telling you (maybe even screaming) to add some flare, literally! Adding flare to any part of your outfit gives your entire look that extra spunk. Whether it be that flare at the end of your cropped pants or at the hem of your shift dress, flares are the way to go! My favorite are the infamous bell sleeves and this Fashionista shows us how much it can change your look.

So, you are not the biggest fan of those bright and pastel colors spring calls for, and the full festival Coachella look is not exactly the street you want to take. Well you’re in luck, because this Fashionista has got what you are looking for. This bohemian flowy bell sleeved dress with a paisley print screams spring without screaming it right in your face. The fluidity of the dress and the bell sleeves keeps you looking and feeling cool on an April day, where the showers have halted and the sun has peaked through giving you the perfect day to wear a dress. While the sun is shining and your friend is wearing a yellow sun dress, which there is nothing wrong with, color might not be the main focus of your closet so this dress won’t make you feel like you are committing a crime during the season of vibrancy and light. Keep it neutral, do what this Fashionista did and pair it with a neutral cork wedge and some dainty gold jewelry. You can even express your personality like she did by wearing something that is special to you. She wore her Kuwait necklace which she holds dear to her heart.

With the flow and the fun of this look, your spring is bound to be bouncing without leaving your comfort zone.