STYLE ADVICE: Dreaming of Denim

Being a college student is hard enough, and to look good doing it can also be challenging. Washington State University tends to be on the cold side, but with a campus full of Fashionistas, the weather will not cramp their style.

Here we found a Fashionista in all denim. Everyone loves denim as it is very versatile and can be worn days on end without anyone noticing! This Fashionista is wearing the hottest jeans with a raw hem. This raw hem goes above and beyond and gives a fringe look because fringe is always in. With slits in the knees, it adds style points to this Fashionista. A graphic concert T-shirt is always nice to add some surprise to an outfit that is all denim.  It separates the two pieces of denim and adds a vintage flare. Also adding vintage flare is the vintage jean jacket. Vintage anything gives so much character to an outfit, and it did the perfect amount in this look. This outfit could really match any style of shoes, but these booties do not take away from the jeans and make this look sleek by showing off the fringe.

This look can be worn anywhere and is casual, cute, and comfortable.  This look is easy to wear to class and throw on in the morning, but it still make you look amazing! Denim is not going anywhere, so start playing around with all your denim pieces to make some great looks because too much denim never hurt anyone!