STYLE ADVICE: Distressed to the max

Growing up my dad always asked why I payed money for ripped jeans. He would complain that it’s paying money for a something that looks raggy. Being destroyed is the point of ripped jeans. Distressed jeans are a huge fashion statement right now. Some people will never understand paying for alreadry destroyed clothing, but when it comes to fashion, these jeans are a statement piece.

This Fashionista has the perfect outfit to compliment the jeans. The softness of her simple black shirt goes great with the harshness of the ripped jeans. These jeans are especially unique because of the boyfriend asepect of them. They are loose on her, which gives her the more relaxed look. Boyfriend ripped jeans are especially in because they can be dressed up or down. This Fashionista is dressing them down with the birkenstocks and the big sweater, but the jeans could easily be dressed up with a pair of wedges and a tight shirt.

Jewelry is a key aspect of this look. The Fashionista is sporting a big patterned headband , with jewelry that matches it. The headband with the pulled back hair looks good with this outfit because it supports the relaxed look she is going for. The jewelry she is wearing adds sophistication to the look. The earrings are a huge statement piece, which adds to the outfit. The earrings are unique and nothing I have seen before, which is why I think I love them so much. The uniqueness of the earrings match perfectly with the uniqueness of the rest of her jewelry. I am especially fond of the stacking of the rings. Each ring is different, which makes the rings stand out, while also complimenting each other.

Overall this is a great outfit to highlight distressed jeans. They are a style that is quickly coming back to the scene. The jeans work with this simple outfit, which is spiced up by the loads of jewelry the Fashionista is wearing. Boyfriend distressed jeans are fashionable and also extremely comfy. Boyfriend jeans are loose, so skip the skinny jeans, and join the boyfriend distressed jean movement. Why not be fashionable and comfy?