May 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

If you ever want to turn heads on campus, the best way to do that is to simply express yourself through clothing. This Fashionisto definitely has this covered. This all-denim look is chic, on-trend, and appears effortless. While you walk to your class, or run for coffee beforehand, people will definitely turn their heads to see someone rocking this style.

Replicating this stylish Fashionisto requires three things: killer clothes, confidence, and individuality. He also made sure that his jeans complemented the color of his denim jacket without matching it. You can definitely tell the jacket is the central focus of this outfit. One of my favorite elements of this outfit is the shirt. The shirt underneath his jacket is a navy blue graphic T-shirt, which breaks down the continuous light blue in the outfit. Also, if you look at his denim jacket, it has a small little detail to it: peace signs. I love these small decals on it since they add a subtle, unique touch. The washed out color and the vintage feel are also pluses. This Fashionisto chose light wash skinny jeans and kept his Nike sneakers white to keep the focus on the denim.

Now, when dealing with denim, you don’t want every article of clothing to be just that. If you were to add another piece to the outfit, make sure it’s a solid color. You can also be courageous and not listen to the fashion police, making everything about the outfit denim!

I hope everyone took this style advice, and inspiration from this Fashionisto’s outfit, to incorporate your own denim pieces into your own outfits.