STYLE ADVICE: "Cool"Acessories

STYLE ADVICE: "Cool"Acessories

While attending college in central New York, there is one thing that is always going to be expected during the winter months: snow, wind, and the COLD!

Here at Syracuse University, we experience all three throughout a majority of our schooling (sadly, fall and spring only last a combined total of five months here…sigh). During the day, students brace the quad and the promenade with their jackets zipped all the way up and their snow boots tied tight.

However, as students we cannot and will not let frigid temperatures and icy walkways hold us back from being in touch with our fashionable side. This Fashionista is showing that you can stay warm and also show off your sense of style while going to class by the use of accessories.

This Fashionista shows that the jacket, the most essential piece of clothing, to wear while traveling through the tundra, aka our campus, does not have to be ordinary.

Instead of having a bland colored jacket that would make her blend in, she chooses to wear an olive-green Canada Goose. This parka adds a pop of color to her snowy surroundings.

She also accessorizes with a massive Russian Hat that allows her to make a statement. Even though one may find it hard to look past her hat, if you look closely, you can see her pearl studs sticking through her hair. Mixing a statement piece and a timeless piece creates a contrast that works for the art of accessorizing.

She finishes her look by wrapping a simple infinity scarf around her neck.

So just remember, before heading out the door for class in the morning, do not be afraid of the weather. It is important to dress for the cold and stay warm, but it’s even more important not to lose your sense of style.

Outerwear accessories such as hats and scarves work together perfectly to create a look without even having to take your jacket off!