STYLE ADVICE: Coachella Obsessed

It’s officially fashion week at Miami University, and this piece like no other fully serves to highlight the beauty of our student’s talent, fashion, and style. This model sports a simple yet intricate music festival-ready ensemble entirely designed and made by one of our campus’ very own. This outfit comes just in time for her to showcase the piece down the runway at Miami University Fashion & Design 11th Annual Fashion Show this weekend.

The piece caters to any Fashionista’s obsession with patterns and textures. The savvy color combo appeals to the naked eye through creating soft but subtle hints within the tufts and gathering of her loose top while a blast of color comes from her copper-textured bell bottoms. The look fully embodies the essence of spring as it captures everyone’s attention as the model walks by, making us wonder, why can’t I pull that off? Well today, you definitely can. As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So although, this may be an M. Donnelly. original, even you can rock looks similar to the designer shreds yourself.

Start by finding a colored or textured top. For those of us with a more pale complexion, shoot for a soft floral texture that complements your skin. If you’re one whose melanin is always popping, opt for a bold texture or print-patterned top.

Continue the trend of creating textures throughout your outfit by carrying that style on to your bottoms. Choose a different texture or pattern that harmoniously complements what is being carried out in your top. Consider bold floral patterned bottoms if you’re sporting the soft-textured floral top option. Or if you chose to rock the pattern top, grab a pair of trousers that have some intense and noticeable texture. Perhaps fringe, lace, or even commit to wearing bottoms of a funky shape. Palazzo bottoms are fab paired with a pair of cute wedges!

With so much to visualize from your desired pattern and textured pairings, keep the accessories simple and makeup that’s fresh and natural. Follow this advice and you’ll be ready for any music fest heading your way, while I, on the other hand, will be well dressed and prepared to take my front row seat at the show this weekend. Maybe then I can learn a few more things from this killer collection.