The distressed denim trend is something that’ll never be worn out (get it?). Denim is a great staple piece to have in your closet, for both men and women. Being quite the denim fan myself, I recommend throwing on a jean jacket, a pair of distressed jeans, and accessorizing to give you both an easy and fashionable on-the-go outfit.

Trying to look for a go-to denim jacket or pair of jeans? Fear no more! Check out Levi’s for all the latest styles on jean jackets and denim pants. If you’re trying to dress yourself on a budget, check out your local thrift store for some hidden denim finds. Creating your own distressed jeans is also a cinch. You can use fabric scissors or an X-Acto knife to give you the freedom of getting the perfect amount of distressed you want. Distressed jeans are both versatile and one-of-a-kind. In addition, layering a jean jacket on a simple hoodie is also great for the chillier seasons! H&M sells these affordable hoodies in both men and women sizes.

Accessorizing isn’t only important for women, but for men as well. As shown, an old-school Casio watch will give your outfit a very chic edge. These affordable time pieces come in multiple styles and colors for both men and women. Watches give your ensemble a pop of metal, acting as both fashionable and practical.

Hats are also a great way to hide that awful haircut you got (kidding!). But they definitely do add some personality to your look. Hats can show off your favorite baseball team or band. They’re perfect for those lazy days you don’t feel like doing your hair or making a statement. A simple hat like this can be purchased through retailers such as PacSun.

And of course, the shoes. As shown, a pair of Yeezys are great for those into trainers. If you’re not trying to break your bank, a nice pair of Nikes or Adidas will get the job done too. Yeezy Boosts are released at retail price periodically through Adidas, Footlocker, and various shoe retailers. Additionally, Kanye’s designer shoe can be sold on Flight Club for resale prices.

No matter what kind of denim you’re into, you’ll definitely make a statement. Whether it’s bringing back the middle school denim skirt, or wearing a classic denim jacket, denim is a timeless look for both men and women.