STYLE ADVICE: Camo in the Urban Jungle

STYLE ADVICE: Camo in the Urban Jungle

With a jacket just as patterned as the graffitied wall behind him, this Fashionisto was spotted downtown wearing an outfit fit for exploring the urban jungle he calls home.

Inspired by classic pieces with unique textures and prints, this Fashionisto credits his best wardrobe finds to thrift stores. Dressing up a classic flannel button-down and black jeans, he mixed in a variety of textured and patterned accessories to add a layer of urban-grunge to his look.

With February weather still proving to be a bit chilly, what I love the most about this look is the camouflage utility jacket layered over the simple flannel. The complexity of the pattern on this jacket matched perfectly with the graffitied walls surrounding this Fashionisto, not to mention adding a statement piece to the outfit.

To keep warm, this Fashionisto also opted for a black pair of combat boots perfect for exploring the streets of downtown. To top off his look, he chose a hat representing his favorite hometown brewery.

Without the extended variety of accessories offered for women, I find it interesting how much thought and detail goes into the accessories men choose to wear. With items such as hats and patterns to express personality, menswear truly can be all about the details.

This being my first time diving into the world of menswear, I have a new appreciation for a world of fashion I was unfamiliar with beforehand. I look forward to asking men about the inspiration behind their looks and continuing to learn more about the male sense of style.