STYLE ADVICE: Bundled in Basics

When it comes to my personal style, I have a lot of go-to items in my closet that I can always count on no matter where I’m going. Although these items are extremely versatile, I’m also always looking for ways that I can spice up my basics.

The great thing about basics is that they’re basic! So turning your outfit up a notch is never a difficult task due to the fact that your favorite white T-shirt or denim jeans go with virtually anything. This is extremely clear with this Fashionisto’s casual fit. Although the basis of the outfit consists of a white button-down and light washed, distressed denim, added pieces such as a plaid scarf, baseball cap, and leather backpack make this outfit slightly more fun.

With olive being extremely in style, this Fashionisto’s jacket is right on-trend in order to add warmth to the final fit. Brown leather boots finish off the outfit, providing not only style but also durability for walking around campus.

Basic pieces are an essential for every wardrobe no matter where your style falls on the spectrum. Versatile pieces provide a canvas that allows for you to play with your style however you feel fit. Although basics are great for quick throw on outfits, it’s always good to never be afraid of having fun with your basics. Take advantage of the basics in your closet, because they definitely can be used for an endless amount of different outfits. You never know what you’ll be able to create once you begin to take advantage of the flexibility that basics can provide.