STYLE ADVICE: Be Cool, Revamp the Basics

January 16th, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE ADVICE: Be Cool, Revamp the Basics

This Fashionisto’s look initially caught my attention because of its inherent cool vibes. It seems nearly effortless because it is made up of basics that are reworked in a new way. The jacket is great because it is warm enough for winter days but the interesting color block really revamps the classic black leather jacket look. I also love that the turtleneck fits the same palette but has a whole new tone itself. It can easily change the style of the whole outfit by changing the color of the top. It seems very circa 1980s but with a new-age feel by tucking it into the cropped jeans.

Speaking of the crops, they are super functional during this time of year. Given that it is rather cold, they provide the perfect opportunity to show off some funky wool socks, all while still looking quite clean and simple. These shoes are simply a practical option but could also be swapped out for some lower cut winter boots, which would still allow for the socks to be seen. Finally, I love the sunglasses that provide a “too cool for you” style while shielding away the sun’s rays.

This look is a perfect example of taking some pieces that are typically closet staples and completely revamping them in an exciting way. I find the color blocking, tucked in top, cropped pants, and exposed socks are great ways to create a whole new level of attire from basics. All together, they seamlessly create a relaxed look that is just inevitably too cool.

Also, a final detail that I love is that this look is totally unisex. Ladies can easily replicate this look and feel just as chic. The shoes can be mixed up as the weather changes, maybe even daring to combine socks and Birkenstocks, or you could forgo the socks as well. In addition, I think a pretty pastel color blocked jacket would be great for spring. I am definitely anxious to try this look out. Time to start looking for some cropped jeans…