STYLE ADVICE: Anticipation for Precipitation

There’s many perks to living on the East Coast, but the weather during most of the year is definitely not one of them. One day it’s sunny and 70 degrees out, the next it’s pouring rain and 50 degrees. Today happened to be one of those days. While I myself sported an outfit that showed my laziness, this Fashionista did the complete opposite. She was able to look extremely put together, shield herself from the wrath of mother nature, and be comfortable at the same time.

This Fashionista is sporting a dark-blue flannel with white and maroon details. On top of the flannel she wore a black vest. The hood keeps her head covered and the faux fur along with the rest of the vest gives her just enough warmth to stay comfortable in this weather. With the random spurts in humidity, jackets tend to make you feel sticky and a little too warm, but she was able to surpass this issue by wearing a vest and exposing her arms. She pairs the flannel and vest with black leggings for the utmost comfort, and brown over-the-knee boots which look very stylish. She accessorizes by adding a watch, not just to show it off but to able to see the time without having to whip her phone out and get it wet in the rain.

This Fashionista had it all with her outfit—the looks, the comfort, and the accessibility. Her outfit is perfect to wear one of those crazy weather days where you can’t avoid walking to classes. Take a play from her book, and next time you need some advice, you can get inspired by her look. While I felt cold and tired in my T-shirt and sweater, she was confident and ready to go in her outfit!