STYLE ADVICE: All Day I Dream About Shoes

I need to start by confessing something: I absolutely, one hundred percent, have an obsession with shoes.  Women’s sneakers, men’s sneakers, heels, booties, you name it; I’m shoe crazy!

Given that I cannot seem to refrain from constantly shoe shopping, (and by that I also mean staring at people’s feet in hopes of finding something neat) you can imagine that I was in awe when I saw this Fashionisto sporting his new Adidas sneaks.  Not only do I absolutely adore how this Fashionisto incorporated them into his look, but I commend him for putting his own twist on a rather classic men’s look.

Quite often, when men chose to layer their clothes like you can see here, an easy go-to shoe is a casual dress shoe, or a suede ankle boot. While both of those are great options, opting for a different shoe will bring an entirely new perspective to the look. To me, choosing the new Adidas NMD shoe makes the outfit more youthful than a dress shoe would. It suggests that this Fashionisto takes pride in creating his own look, rather than succumbing to the traditional businessman’s daily work wear.

The rest of the outfit here is kept relatively simple, but I love the small details added like the cuffed jeans and the neutral eye glasses.  I’d also like to point out (and suggest to other Fashionistos) that you don’t always need to put your button–up under a quarter-zip sweater, or a regular sweater for that matter! This Ralph Lauren waffle-shirt perfectly completes the look without over-doing it, which also ties into the more youthful vibe of the outfit!

So, are you feeling inspired to try something new? Maybe just try changing up your shoe if you’re not ready for a drastic change. But let me tell you, I guarantee you’ll be amazed with the final result!