STYLE ADVICE: All Bundled Up

STYLE ADVICE: All Bundled Up

Walking to class in the winter calls for loads of warm layers and a big heavy coat. But don’t you worry, you won’t have to look like Ralphy’s little brother from A Christmas Story… “I can’t put my arms down!” I have some advice on how to stay perfectly warm and still look like the Fashionista that you are during this winter season.

My first tip is to wear layers, they’re easy to take off once you get into your class and then to throw right back on when you’re headed back outside. For example, you could wear a long sleeve shirt under a sweater like this Fashionista is wearing above. If you wear a warm sweater and it gets windy, a lot of times the wind goes right through the holes, so wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath would help to block the wind.

Tip number two is to pick a coat that shapes your body well, rather than a looser, straight coat, there is a lot of fabric in winter coats and you don’t want to be swimming in it. You can see above that her coat comes in slightly at her waist giving her some shape, even if she chose to button her coat up she would still look proportionate.

My third tip is to keep the bottom simple. By wearing slimming pants it gives your outfit more dimension and balance, instead of wearing joggers or flared jeans and having a lot of fabric all over. Here, she paired together skinny jeans and some over-the-knee boots to create a chic and slimming effect.

I love this look for the winter. The jeans are a nice contrast to the black coat and boots, and the camel colored turtleneck adds a pop of color while keeping the total look effortlessly chic and warm. By adding the beanie, first, it keeps her head warm, and secondly, it is a great accessory. The color of her sweater really makes the pompom stand out and it helps to tie the whole look together.

I hope this has given you some cold weather outfit inspiration. Stay warm out there.