STYLE ADVICE: A Touch of Color

February 15th, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE ADVICE: A Touch of Color

As I was getting ready to have an amazing Sunday with my favorite Fashionista, I was breath taken as soon I saw her walking to my car. Her style, the way she walked and looked at her phone were part of how simple and effortless her outfit was.

Whenever I decide to style an outfit or decide which accessories to use, I always keep in mind that less is more. I’m not a fan of overdressed outfits because I think simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

What first caught my eye about her outfit was the amount of black she had on. For me, it will never be too much black. But sometimes dressing entirely in black can go wrong, and can deviate people’s attention from what it really is—a simple outfit.

So here is a tip that never gets old. If you want to dress entirely in black, give it a touch of color anywhere. It can be on your accessories, your shoes, or your makeup –show off those red lips! For example, I love what this Fashionista did with her perfectly black outfit. She gave it a touch of pink by leaving the cuffs and collar of her button-down shirt outside her sweater.

If where you are from temperatures don’t get as cozy as in Florida, you can always pair your outfit with a jacket. It could be denim, leather, or my favorite one a faux fur jacket. But remember that no matter how you decide to style your perfect black outfit, A little color will give your outfit the effortless touch you are looking for.