STYLE ADVICE: A Graphic T-shirt is All I Need

STYLE ADVICE: A Graphic T-shirt is All I Need

Jeans and a T-shirt are one of the most commonly worn outfits ever. Therefore, many think that the outfit has become tired and drab, but not this Fashionista. She knows that one of the greatest attributes about this tried and true outfit is that you can always put your spin on it.

This Fashionista loves to throw on a band T-shirt, like her ACDC shirt, and just run out the door. She makes her band T-shirt the focus of her ensemble. This Fashionista loves the slits in the side of the T-shirt as they add a bit of edge to the shirt. She then throws on a trusty pair of distressed blue jeans with rips in the knees. Her jeans are a healthy balance of edge and simplicity. A pair of heeled booties can elevate any outfit out of the usual casual realm. She keeps her accessories simple with a thin black choker that has a little silver moon, along with her usual silver rings that she wears on a daily basis. Her natural makeup keeps her from looking like she is heading off to a concert, rather than class.

When picking a graphic T-shirt, it can be anything, not just a band T-shirt. Whether you are into funny, random, or label T-shirts, there is a T-shirt out there for you. If you are more into a feminine look then you can pair your graphic T-shirt with a suede skirt, or if you love how this Fashionista styled her look, but the booties look daunting, swap them out for a pair of high top Converse.

Once you have a favorite graphic T-shirt, it will be your new favorite piece in your wardrobe.

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