STYLE ADVIC OF THE WEEK: Creature Of Comfort

For college students, a lot of times it can be rough trying to wake up early enough to put together a stellar outfit.  However, a true Fashionista/o can effortlessly throw together a look that is sure to turn heads. Part of this process demands a handful of basic pieces and one or two one-of-a-kind items. To me this seems like a sort of art form that will set a Fashionista/o apart from the rest.

Comfort is everything to this Fashionisto, as it is for most of us.  Among the whirlwind of hoodies, sweatpants and leggings clad students seeking the feeling of eternal pajamas, he sports a style that combines classic masculine silhouettes with a modern flair.  From the ground up, this Fashionisto wears black Dr. Martens boots that guarantee comfortable travels up and down the infamous hill here at WKU. Jeans are essential to anyone’s wardrobe. Distressed jeans seem to be all the rage, from one or two rips in the knees to endless tears and frays.  His jeans no doubt give a rebellious edge to his ensemble, but they still remain a neutral piece ready to be built upon. The shining star of this outfit, aside from the Fashionisto himself of course, has got to be this vintage Planet Hollywood denim jacket. Paired perfectly with a plain white t-shirt, this thrifted jacket adds incredible character. He told me that this is one of the first things that he has thrifted. He found it at a flea market, after a few trips of coming up short he surely found a treasure in this one. The vibrant embroidery acts almost like a time machine. Its leather sleeves add a timeless and versatile feel as well as a nice color contrast with the blue denim.

I have found that accessories can either make of break an outfit, and it can be difficult to find that happy medium.  For a look like this less is more. Rings are an awesome way to accessorize, and can be worn daily without seeming over-worn. This Fasionisto rocks a couple of classic silver bands and another that is an Indian Chief face. A couple of basics paired with a statement piece, notice a pattern?  He has it all figured out, for sure. His look is finished off with a pair of slick Ray-Ban aviators. Not to mention that his platinum locks are perfectly messy and styled effortlessly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If it’s not comfortable, don’t wear it.  Also, don’t be afraid to wear all black, it doesn’t have to look goth.”