The perfect date is April 25, according to Miss Rhode Island in Miss Congeniality. “Not too hot, not too cold; all you need is a light jacket.” Easy for her to say but finding an outfit this time of year that keeps you warm from the slight chill in the air, and gives off of a fresh springy warm weather vibe can be near impossible. When I see a Fashionista on campus that is slaying the game with her style and weather appropriate look, I can’t help but approach her and find out all of her style secrets.

This Fashionista was headed to class when I spotted her outside of her dorm. She dawned a great top with fun billowy sleeves that blew in the spring breeze. The cute floral pattern on her top paid homage to the beautiful sunny weather but she kept warm by layering it with a long sleeved charcoal top. Her army green skirt is a perfect transition piece from winter to spring. She adds a pair of warm pastel purple tights that will keep her warm throughout the chilly night but still has a flowery spring time feel. She rocks a pair of very versatile and stylish combat boots that can be the perfect go-to shoe for any time of the year. This Fashionista accessorizes with simple and dainty jewelry that is the perfect way to complete this adorable look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love accessorizing with tights! You can play with colors patterns and texture and it can add a little something extra to any look!”