How To Strategically Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag Without Throwing Away Everything You Own

Something about winter turns us packrats—especially when it comes to our makeup bag. When we can’t go out, we fill our lives with stuff (aka 27 new bronzers and highlighters). But spring is here (yay!) and, thus, the proverbial spring cleaning must (and should) commence!
But before you think spring cleaning consists of taking your entire makeup bag and dumping it in the trash—think again. We’re breaking down what you actually need to get rid of to refresh your routine and help you start spring with a clean beauty slate.

1––Throw out cracked/ empty products

We all like to use the very last bit of certain products, even if we have already repurchased a replacement. These products just take up unnecessary space and are really not worth every bit of product you are trying to use up. Just throw it out!

2––Look at expiration dates When going through and downsizing your makeup collection, take into consideration the expiration dates. Usually, if an expiration date is provided on a product, it will be in the form on a small symbol that looks like a container with a number of months in the center (e.g. 24M.)  If it has exceeded its noted expiration date, throw it out!

Tip: To know when your products are getting to the end of its shelf life, you can note the date you opened the product on the back to reference later.


3––Swap your fall/winter staples for your spring/summer favoritesSwitch out your full coverage liquid foundation for a light weight, oil-free BB cream, containing SPF. This will wear better in the hotter months and will keep makeup from melting off your face.

Opt for a lipgloss or non-matte formula for the lips for the spring/ summer. Matte lip products can be very drying which can enhance a chapped lip.

Change your winter skincare routine by trading out your thick, creamy moisturizer for a  lightweight gel moisturizer.


4––Separate everyday favorites and occasion products when restoringSeparate your remaining products into two categories: everyday makeup and occasion makeup, and put them in their own bags. This will help keep your products organized, for quick and easy access. 

5––Wipe down products and wash makeup bags

After deciding which product to keep and which to ditch, run your makeup bag(s) though the washing machine to clean off the makeup build up and wipe down your products with a wet wipe. Also, feel free to wash your makeup brushes while you are in the cleaning mode.

6––Make beauty grocery listMake a list of the products that need to be replaced, and products to be swapped for the warmer months, as you are going through your collection. This will help keep you organized and make certain that you won’t forget anything during your beauty haul!