Six Simple Ways to Maintain a Workout Schedule During the Semester

September 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

Back to school, back to school… The phrase itself brings along so many mixed emotions. Positive as far as getting a fresh start into a new routine with new classes. Negative as far as having real responsibilities again and relearning how to manage time/NOT procrastinate.

The number one thing I usually toss aside when my schedule gets hectic is working out. However this semester I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and commit to my workout schedule. These six tips will hopefully help you keep workin’ too!

1— Put some good tunes (or a CF #officehours podcast) in your ears.


photo via @erikaborst

2—Remember rest days exist for a reason. If you’re swamped with work or overtired, your workout won’t be productive and will possibly add to the stress.


photo via @c_pasco

3—If your schedule allows, try to get your sweat in before noon. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which can help with focus and makes you happier too!


photo via @erikaborst

4—Find a workout buddy, and vary the ways you sweat! If I’m feeling sick of the gym, some fun outdoor activity with a friend is a great routine replacement.


photo via @erikaborst

5—Evaluate your schedule! Get a planner and visualize the time you will have left over after school + commitments so you can actually plan the type and duration of exercise you can fit in.


photo via @oliviableeker

6—Remember health does not just apply to fitness. Eating well can look pretty and taste yummy too.


photo via @allyeansor