Shop Sustainably, Responsibly, and Affordably

In the fashion world, there is often a curtain of ignorance that masks its negative aspects. But recently, the darkness that clouds the fashion industry has begun to come to light. People are caring increasingly more about where exactly their clothing comes from and how it is made. Sweatshops, environmental risks, and animal cruelty are all very real. It is a sad truth, but now more than ever, consumers are finding ways to fight fast fashion and still stay fashionable without breaking the bank. Want to know how to do just that? Keep on reading.

Perhaps the most sustainable and affordable method of shopping is to take a visit to a local thrift store. By thrifting, there is no contribution being made to companies who are not sustainable. And, as an added plus, the most unique pieces can be found at radically low prices. Complete outfits can be found in these second-hand heavens, shoes and all. Don’t believe me? The outfit in the pictures being featured is completely thrifted.

Not into Goodwill or Salvation Army? Don’t sweat because there are shopping apps, like Tradesy and Etsy, where individuals sell their own items. It ranges from things people simply do not want anymore to local boutiques selling their distinctive creations. Much like thrift shopping, these online apps sell beautiful clothing and accessories at low prices, depending on the item and app it is on.

Still haven’t found a suitable method for shopping sustainably? There are many stores that are built upon responsible fashion, like Indigenous and Symbology, among countless others. Brands like these fight fast fashion by utilizing artisan-made clothing and vowing to be a fair-trade business. If shopping new is a must, then these are the types of brands that must be supported.

If it becomes difficult trying to navigate what brands are sustainable and which are not, then the app Good On You could be your savior. Simply type the name of a store or brand, to see its sustainability rating pop up.

Do not forget about the animals. What they go through to be used as fashion accessories and test subjects for cosmetics is graphic, to say the least. If expensive taste is getting in the way of shopping vegan, Stella McCartney is a designer who only sells cruelty-free fashion. That’s right, no leather or fur. Supporting vegan brands, both in beauty and fashion, is essential for the fashion world to continue to move in the right direction.

It may seem like a daunting task to commit to shopping sustainably, but people do it every day. All it takes is a passion to do what is ethical and being educated on the subject. This can be the generation to turn the fashion industry into something more than beauty.

What are your methods for shopping sustainably? Let us know in the comments below.