Why Taking Time to Pamper Yourself is Actually About Way More Than Appearance

In the midst of this digital age, it can be hard to set aside “me time.” It’s difficult to put down your phone and unwind for a few minutes. For me, life is always go, go, go; and sometimes my insides are screaming stay, stay, stay.

Stress can be an inevitable part of life, but managing it effectively is crucial for one’s health. It can be especially important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally, instead of simply checking off your to-do list. I know that the levels of my self-esteem can greatly influence my stress levels.

When I think I look bad, I feel bad. I challenged myself this week to find little beauty moments, both internal and external, and unwind from the hustle and bustle of life, and take the time to take care of myself. Because I always need it, and you do, too.

Treat yo’ self: I can never feel completely put together if my nails aren’t polished. Perfectly polished, I mean. Cuticles oiled, neatly trimmed, and no chips in sight keeps my mind organized as I type like a maniac on my keyboard. If my nails are a mess, I feel a mess. I usually take the time once a week to do my nails, but sometimes it becomes a chore. Once my direct deposit hit and I budgeted for the week, I realized I had some spare cash. I could have saved it or blown it all in one trip to TJ Maxx, but one a look at my nail beds told me I should head to a salon. I went all out with a chrome gel polish, and for two weeks I’ll be typing pretty. Every time I look down and see my nails put together, I’ll feel more put together.

Tackle Stress Head On: If you’re like me, stress manifests as a pimple on my chin. This is truly unfortunate because nothing stresses me out more than acne. It’s a horrible cycle. But you can stop it in it’s tracks with an at-home face mask. Setting aside the time to cleanse your face and open your pores is a beauty moment that is so worth it, especially when you get to watch all of your spots disappear. Skin care can sometimes be shoved under the rug when there are more important things to do, but taking the few minutes to moisturize and treat your skin will be very beneficial in the long run.

Let’s Get Physical: What’s better than some fresh air? Turn off your electronics and take a step outdoors to enjoy what nature has to offer. Even if meditating isn’t your thing, going for a walk and just focusing on something physical, and actually walking away from a problem for a while is never a bad thing. Visit your local park or botanical gardens, and discover a new favorite flower. Watch butterflies and bees, and focus on lives outside of your own. You’ll be able to walk away feeling better and more centered on your place in this world. 

It’s Called a Bathroom for a Reason: I am a lover of showers. They are quick and wake me up right before class, or help me settle into bed. But taking a shower isn’t your only option. If the last time you had a bath was when you were a kid, maybe it’s time to settle into some bubbles. Because I am still a child at heart, I find regular baths to be too boring for me if I’m going to be sitting that long, so I love to drop a bath bomb into my water. Watch the colors spin and the bath fizzle, and let your skin soak up some essential oils. A bath may take longer, but maybe bring a book with you and settle in for some time that’s all about you.

Admire Your Inner Beauty: While you can paint your nails, wash your face, tone your body, and soak your skin, nothing is quite as beautiful as what is inside. Write a list of what you admire about yourself. Think about what makes you unique, and how you have made a personal impact. In this world, you’re truly all you’ve got, so make sure that you like yourself. Do something for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do, whether that is taking a dance class, going to a poetry reading, or skydiving, like me. Because it’s just gonna be you sashaying away, reading your poem, or jumping out of that plane. It’s all you, and you can handle it, because you know what it means to be beautiful inside and out. 

What beauty moments do you take? Let us know in the comments below!