The Restaurants You Must Visit When in Chicago

July 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Cities offer endless possibilities when it comes to fashion inspiration, photo ops, and access to unique food spots. Having lived near a major city all of my life, specifically Chicago, it hasn’t been until the past couple of years that I have taken full advantage of all that the city has to offer. The dining options range from refreshing tropical Hawaiian-inspired food to sweet cannolis. Here are just a few restaurants that are a must while visiting Chicago!

The first stop is a Hawaiian restaurant located in Bucktown, Chicago called Mahalo. This restaurant has both aesthetically pleasing decorations and food. I have been to this restaurant twice; the first time, I got the shrimp poke bowl. During my most recent food adventure, I decided to get the crab poke bowl this time. While I did enjoy the crab poke dish, I did wish I was able to get the shrimp poke bowl again, since shrimp is a weakness of mine. Also, I should note that if one is of age, the pineapple drinks are adorable. So, go down in your cutest summer outfit and go get your fun pineapple picture!

After my main course, the rest of the food adventure was led by my sweet tooth. I then ended up at The Heart of Europe Cafe and Eataly. Starting off with The Heart of Europe Cafe, the owners are Polish sisters who moved to America to be able to share their chimney cakes. Between the authentic Polish donuts and the cozy atmosphere, this sweet cafe has the ability to transport customers to Europe. Another restaurant with this same ability is Eataly since it embodies the loud and inviting characteristics of Italians. The cannoli bar on the first floor provides a variety of cannoli options and a mosaic tile art that amps up the cannoli eating experience to another level.

Taking the time to go out and explore one’s own city will make for a great adventure! So, keep your eyes open, grab your biggest purse, and be prepared to stuff both your bag—and stomach—with delicious food.

What are your favorite restaurants in your city? Comment down below!